ABS Terralabs EFT Rage


ABS Terralabs is an amazing EFT overlay offering features for both play styles (Legit and Rage). ABS Terralabs has currently been undetected for over 12 months now and has not been detected once since its launch. If you are looking for an amazing EFT Overlay then look no further than ABS Terralabs EFT which is by far the safest overlay on the market. ABS Terralabs contains all the other features that most eft overlays do have but offers them at a better experience and a safer one!


Supported CPU: Intel and AMD
Supported OS: Windows 10 & Windows 11 All Versions

Special Notes:
English Menu
In-game menu shows Remaining Time left on key


Silent Aim
Visibility Check (Indicator if Target is Visible)

Show Names
Show Skeleton
Show Friendly Player
Show Faction
Show Health
Show Distance
Show K/D
Show In-hand Weapon
Show Visibility


Highly Configurable
Show Valuables
Show Quest Items
Show Loot
Show Corpses + Corpse Content
Show Containers + Container Content
Show Extracts
Item Filtering


Grenade ESP
Custom Crosshair
Infinite Stamina
No Visor
Night Vision
Thermal Vision
Targetted Warning
2D Radar


Additional information

Licence Type

1 Day Licence